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Fell through the cracks

We were living in Missouri when my children were born.  Mandatory newborn screens just came into law a year or two prior to my oldest daughter's birth.  My oldest daughter failed her newborn hearing screen on one ear, but due to her delivery she had severe bruising and swelling in her face.  Our pediatrician wasn't concerned at the time due to all the fluid our baby had in her ear, but the pediatrician had us retest her hearing.  Everytime she got retested, we got conflicting results (left ear pass, right ear fail and then next test opposite results).   Also, ear probes would always fall ou

Noah and Madalen

I am the mother of three children, two of which were born with a hearing deficit. Both children were diagnosed as infants and were aided by the time they were 4 months old. Noah, age 9 and Madalen, age 4 have adjusted well in this 'hearing' world. Thanks to the technology available related to hearing aids and the advancements being made everyday, they will continue to do so. We will soon be faced with the need to replace both sets of aids, total cost upwards of $7000.

3 D/HH Children in Our Family

I am the mother of three (3) children who were all born D/HH (NewBorn testing not done in 1991-1996).  Our family has struggled with the cost of hearing aids for 3 children.  When each pair costs $4,000-$6,000 per pair and insurance does not pay for this cost.  My children need their hearing aid and coclear implants to hear the world and learn in a Hearing World.  It makes me mad when insurance companies classifiy hearing aids/coclear implants as cosmetic.  I do not see the Hearing World learning sign language!  My children are forced to learn to live in this Hearing World and the devices t

Sweet Sounds to My Ear

My parents couldn't understand why I didn't talk much when I was a little girl, it wasn't until I was enrolled in school, that I  was diagnosed with a hearing loss, the Doctors believe I was born with congenital total deafness in my left ear, and partial deafness in my right ear. Not like today's technologies, they now can detect deafness from as young as a few days old.  At the age of 6 years old I was fitted with my first hearing aid.

Lifelong hearing aid user!

Hello Everyone.  I am a 33 year old woman who has used hearing aids for 30 years. I have a moderate to severe sensineural loss in both ears - and my hearing aids allow me to hear about 90%, sometimes more, of what "regular" hearing people do.  Without them, I cannot hear really anything.

Brady Peterson, Microtia and Atresia

Hello. We are the Peterson family from Marshfield, Wisconsin. Our son Brady was born with Microtia and Atresia. This means he was born with a small left ear with no open ear canal. After we had brought him home from the hospital we soon began to discover that he could not hear out of his left ear.Come to find out after hearing tests, he is deaf in his left ear. We were at a loss for words. We had so many questions with no answers, and no one to talk to. That is when we met the Wilke Family from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

Grandma Judy's Story

I am grandmother to Dylan Boehler, whose hearing loss was diagnosed at age 31/2 when a hearing test was completed as part of a speech therapy process. With anguish in their voices, I learned that his parents’ private insurance covered the cost of learning his diagnosis, but not the hearing aids that would give him the ability to advance his communication skills and his future.

Abby's story

Our daughter, Abby, was born with profound hearing loss.  Detected early
in life, we had time to decide what we wanted for our daughter.  We
struggle with what the future would hold for little Abigail if she could
never hear.

At five months of age, Abby received borrowed hearing aids, which helped
her detect some environmental noises, but she would never hear the


It was a surprise when Oliver was born 5 weeks early. He needed to be hospitalized for the first 11 days of life, but was generally healthy despite his early arrival. Upon discharge from the hospital his hearing was tested... they told us it was standard procedure. When he failed the test, we were also told that it was common for babies to fail the test, and he was not likely to have hearing loss. Four tests and 2 months later, Oliver was officially diagnosed with mild to moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. 

An adult who grew up severe to profound hearing loss

My story began in the 1950's when my hearing loss was diagnosed prior to entering first grade.  Already this little girl was speech reading and fooling her family who suspected for quite some time she wasn't hearing perfectly.  I remember like yesterday the day I was fit with my first hearing aid, finding it a wonderful game of "what is that sound" on the trip home.  I had never heard the engine of my fathers car!  Unfortunately, my loss rapidly deteriorated to severe to profound over a 10 year period.  I was deaf by age 15, speechreading most all spoken words.  The good news is that my par

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