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We must tell our personal stories of how our children are discriminated against by insurance companies in order for our representatives to understand why this bill must be passed in the 2009 legislative session. One of the things we learned in the last legislative session is how common it is for families who have medical insurance to not receive coverage for their children's hearing loss medical interventions.

Adult with hearing aids

Dear Congress, I am hearing user and wear my first digital aids and I can hear some sounds. I am 30 years old. I want to get new one that can get better for me. Why I have to use it? Those are reason why: I use it everyday to prevent my headaches and ring in my ear. I like to hear sounds. Since I was kid I use it sometimes because other people say you can hear but the thuth is you can't hear everything you want to.

In Between Worlds

My son Zachary was late diagnosed at almost age five, with a moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Today at age 11, his degree of hearing loss is borderline to severe & profound. His hearing loss is a progressive one. When and how much is the “unknown” we dread everyday. Relying only o

Hearing Aids to Cochlear Implants

When my son Connor was born he passed his initial hearing screening.  Since he was born 2 months early he had some complications and ended up getting very sick and was transferred to Northwestern hospital in Illinois.  He was very jaundice and because of this suffered from a hearing disorder called Auditory Neuropathy.  He now had moderate in one ear and severe loss in the other ear.  He wears his hearing aids however with this type of hearing loss audiologist dont know what he is and isnt hearing.  Our next step is to go forward with the Cochlear Implant.  Children with his type of loss do

Stay at Home Mom Back to Work to Pay for Hearing Aids


Our 22 month old daughter has been wearing hearing aids since she was 9 months old.  She never passed the newborn hearing screening and additional tests showed a moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears.

Andrea's Story

My name is Andrea Happel and I am 12 years old. I live in La Crosse, WI. I have been hard of hearing since I was diagnosed with a mild to moderate hearing lose when I was 4. While I passed the new-born hearing screening my hearing just went away as I got older. We don’t know what is causing my hearing loss; we do know that I need hearing aids. When the doctor told me that I needed hearing aids I was excited. When I got them they were better than I dreamed.

One Mother's Story

   My son is nineteen and wears hearing aids all waking hours as he has since he was five and this additional disability, post a lengthy hospitalization, was discovered. I, nor he, could imagine a world for him without them. His speech is still imperfect, and his hearing also, but in the manner of stubborn teen-ism, and a life survived by having such, he has refused learning Sign Language. There is only one other child with hearing impairment in his small rural school where he's currently a senior.

Unilateral Hearing Loss

My daughter was born deaf in her right ear...but we didn't know it until she was 4.  Until this point, her hearing tests kept coming back "inconclusive" as she couldn't sit still long enough for a hearing test to be conducted properly.  Her speech was delayed and we were constantly frustrated with her as she appeared to ignore us all the time.  For example, she wouldn't stay in the yard.  She would run out into the street if we weren't watching her close enough.


As a speech and language pathologist I know of the importance hearing is to speech and language development.  As a mom of a child with a profound hearing loss I experience daily how the ability to hear, or not, impacts the child, the parents, the siblings, friends, relatives, teachers...

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