Hearing Aids to Cochlear Implants

When my son Connor was born he passed his initial hearing screening.  Since he was born 2 months early he had some complications and ended up getting very sick and was transferred to Northwestern hospital in Illinois.  He was very jaundice and because of this suffered from a hearing disorder called Auditory Neuropathy.  He now had moderate in one ear and severe loss in the other ear.  He wears his hearing aids however with this type of hearing loss audiologist dont know what he is and isnt hearing.  Our next step is to go forward with the Cochlear Implant.  Children with his type of loss do very well with the Implants however my insurance doesnt cover the implants as well as the hearing aids.  I am a single mom and work and go to school full time and cannot afford to pay out of pocket.  What my insurance does cover for hearing is a maximum of $500 however the bill has to be a minimum of $2000 before they pay out $500, so it is next to nothing.  I really hope something can be done about this, my son needs to be able to hear to develop his speech and grow up like a normal kid.