Stay at Home Mom Back to Work to Pay for Hearing Aids


Our 22 month old daughter has been wearing hearing aids since she was 9 months old.  She never passed the newborn hearing screening and additional tests showed a moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears.

She is the fourth of five kids and I only worked part time for many years, so I could stay home with our children.  This year, I had to go back to work full time, because we have to have money to pay for hearing aids, ear molds, batteries, hearing aid clips (so she doesn't pull them out as much), gas to/from the doctor (over an hour away) and we have to pay the county $25.00/month for speech & language.  Since we know this will be  life long cost and that in another 4 years she need new hearing aids, we decided we needed to try to start saving money now.  Therefore, I needed to bring in more money and had to go back to work full time.

It really does upset me that I am missing my kids most formative years because of our insurance company not paying for hearing aids and related costs.  The stress related to this is almost unbearable at times.  I invite any WI legislator to join me for a day to see what our family life is like, because I've had to go back to work full time.