3 D/HH Children in Our Family

I am the mother of three (3) children who were all born D/HH (NewBorn testing not done in 1991-1996).  Our family has struggled with the cost of hearing aids for 3 children.  When each pair costs $4,000-$6,000 per pair and insurance does not pay for this cost.  My children need their hearing aid and coclear implants to hear the world and learn in a Hearing World.  It makes me mad when insurance companies classifiy hearing aids/coclear implants as cosmetic.  I do not see the Hearing World learning sign language!  My children are forced to learn to live in this Hearing World and the devices that would help them cost a lot for families.  After my first child was diagnosised, the only way we could get help would have been to have been a single parent, no house, no job, and no ambition.  Since this was not going to happen in our family, I was not going to divorce my husband, loose the house, and loose my job, Our Family is being finacially punished.  Every time my children need a new set of hearing aids it requires a loan.  Our family should not have to choose between food and hearing aids.