Action Alert: Recruitment to support the bill!

Attached are 2 letters inviting ENT's/Pediatricians and Audiologists/Speech Therapists to become involved with passing the bill. Please use these letters to invite professionals to take action on the bill.... The more people that come to testify at the hearing on the 18th, and who write legislators, the more likely it is that the bill will pass. Since many Audiologists, Speech Therapists, and Doctors see so many children with hearing loss, they have a unique perspective on the impact that this bill will have for the children of Wisconsin.
So, please distribute this letter as soon as possible so that people will have the time to take action before the hearing on March 18th.
I would like to say a special thanks to Vicki Denzin who came up with the idea to write this letter and who took the initiative to craft it. Thank you Vicki!
Please distribute this email widely!


Audiologist Speech Therapist letter.doc56 KB
ENT letter (5).doc56 KB