Lifelong hearing aid user!

Hello Everyone.  I am a 33 year old woman who has used hearing aids for 30 years. I have a moderate to severe sensineural loss in both ears - and my hearing aids allow me to hear about 90%, sometimes more, of what "regular" hearing people do.  Without them, I cannot hear really anything. While I am fluent in ASL and sign language, the fact is I depend on my trusty Oticon hearing aids to work, be a mom and interact with family and friends who do not sign.  It is frustrating to see that my insurance company will not cover any aspect of my hearing aids - the molds, the repairs or the actual aids themselves.  They are not cosmetic - earrings make my ears look nice, not my hearing aids.  At least I can find coupons for batteries and save some change that way. I am fortunate that I am able to cover these costs out-of-pocket for now, but the fact of the matter is, insurance should cover hearing aids. They will cover chronic diseases (diabetes supplies come to mind), along with other things that are strange to me (obesity surgeries).  Hearing aids help me live the life I have.  What's cosmetic about that?  While the focus of this legislation is on children - remember they will need these for life.  There are many of us young professionals out there who are using their hearing aids everyday. For the kids, young adults, middle-agers and the needs to assist us all. 

Andrea Yenter, Rosholt, WI