It was a surprise when Oliver was born 5 weeks early. He needed to be hospitalized for the first 11 days of life, but was generally healthy despite his early arrival. Upon discharge from the hospital his hearing was tested... they told us it was standard procedure. When he failed the test, we were also told that it was common for babies to fail the test, and he was not likely to have hearing loss. Four tests and 2 months later, Oliver was officially diagnosed with mild to moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. 

The next words we heard after Oliver was diagnosed were "Your insurance is not going to cover the cost of his hearing aids. What insurance do you have? It is likely to cost you around 4,000 dollars!" We were stunned! 

We applied for help with funding from a foundation that helps families afford hearing aids for their children. Unfortunately, we did not qualify. Applying for financial assistance only delayed when Oliver could get his aids. We were in the end able to scrape together enough money to pay for the aids, and by age 6 months, Oliver was finally aided. 

I pay a lot of money every month for health care insurance for my family. It is outrageous to me that an essential medical device like a hearing aid isn't covered.