Tell Your Story

We must tell our personal stories of how our children are discriminated against by insurance companies in order for our representatives to understand why this bill must be passed in the 2009 legislative session. One of the things we learned in the last legislative session is how common it is for families who have medical insurance to not receive coverage for their children's hearing loss medical interventions. We also learned that it is important for families to share their stories so that other families don't feel like they are alone in their fight to get the appropriate medical coverage for hearing aids and cochlear implants for their children. There can be much benefit for families to learn which insurance companies are responsive to our deaf and hard of hearing children, and those insurance companies who are not responsive. So, don't delay.... Tell your story... And don't forget to include your name and the city, town or village that you live! (*to post on this website, click on Submit your story on the left)